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Why You Should Always Have Credit

bad credit

Millions of men and women consistently struggle for financial freedom. There are many people who work full time jobs, two jobs, three jobs and even work a 9 to 5 job and also have a side business to earn extra cash. People all have the desire to be financially free, to not have to stress and worry about running out of money or not being able to pay their bills due to being short on cash. There have actually been many studies conducted that show that one of the main primary cause of severe stress that causes physical symptoms was due to financial stress. Financial stress has been constantly growing like an epidemic in the United States. The more the economy picks up, the more the cost of living rises and the more people end up struggling. There are people who have worked more than a decade and still earn below average wages. Financial freedom becomes almost impossible to achieve with the current jobs that are being offered in society. To make things worse, without an education, you are almost destined to struggle and face financial hardship, no matter what job you do. However, regardless of your financial situation, it is most critical to make sure that you always have access to financial flexibility.

Many people fail to realize the importance of having financial flexibility available to you. Having it allows you to have more of a flexible lifestyle. It is like having the ability to buy whatever you want and make small payments so that you can be able to still pocket your money. You are able to own things, such as a car, a home, a cell phone, a boat, and many other expensive purchases that are actually a necessity in life. When you are cursed with having bad history, you don't exactly have the same opportunities as those who have good financial flexibility. It is still not impossibly for you to own these necessities, but you will be less fortunate. Having bad credit will cause you to have higher interest rates, higher monthly payments, longer loan terms and overall will end up costing your more money. The reason that it will actually cost you more money has to do with the fact that you are viewed as a high risk to many lenders. Many lenders look at your financial scores to determine how worthy of a customer you will be. They need to determine the risk that they are going to take with getting their money back and still earn a profit by loaning you money.

There are many people out there in the country that still believe that the best way to pay is cash. Some people go out and end up saving for months and years before they even consider purchasing a home, car or a boat. Many people would actually much rather pay cash for something than be forced to pay interest for a loan. Ultimately, cash will always love you money in the long term. But, it definitely will cause you to be without cash when you need it. Paying up front in a lump sum can be hard on many people, whether you are rich or poor. It is always best to try to hold on to your cash in case you may need it in the future. Being able to pay low monthly payments allow you the flexibility to spread your finances out and be able to stay financially comfortable.

If you have been unfortunate and haven't been able to get a hold of any lenders due to prior obligations, you may want to start working on your financial habits. There are so many lenders out there that are willing to offer you loans, even though you may have an imperfect financial history. These lenders understand that life happens and many times you just can't prevent these unfortunate situations to occur. So, it is important to take advantage of these bad finance opportunities to help you rebuild your financial history and help put you in a better place in life. You always want to have access to financial flexibility no matter how much it is. Having access to some financial flexibility will allow you to rebuild your history and open up more opportunities in the future, as long as you maintained your financial history and demonstrate reliability by paying your payments on time every time.

Having good financial habits is not just good for being able to qualify for big purchases, but it allows you to live a better life. Whenever you are in need of something or you may encounter an emergency, you are always given financial options. Good financial habits will give you the freedom to be able to afford things that you need, afford emergencies and afford desires that you wouldn't be able to afford with having no access to any credit. The reality of it is that having good credit is the answer to financial freedom in this life.