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How Credit Cards Can Repair Your Credit


If you just filed chapter 7 because you had no other alternative to your debt, then it is important that you start re-building your credit as soon as possible. A lot of consumers don't know that even though you file bankruptcy you still will have to repay your loans, bills, credit cards, and ect. When you file bankruptcy your creditors can stop trying to collect, but the debt will always be there, along with it being on your credit report showing that it hasn't been paid. To re-establish your credit you can get a credit card, so you can shop around and choose one that best fits your needs. Here are a few credit cards that will help.

The Horizon Gold Credit Card is an unsecured credit card with a 500 dollar credit limit, but you have to spend the money at their particular store. This is not a card that pays for your personal bills and get cash advances. This is strictly for the Horizon Gold store online. The Horizon Gold credit card is a stepping stone for individuals to get their credit back on track. It's reported to the credit bureau when you make payments on time, or not. So it would be wise to make payments on time especially since you're trying to re-build your credit.

First Premier Bank Master Card is another one that can help you re-establish your credit. You must have a checking account and they report to the credit bureau monthly. If you have bad credit you can apply and get an answer in 60 seconds. They will also inform you of your Fico score every quarter. There is an annual fee and a regular apr, but you will have to apply to see actually what it is. Based on your application and scoring the application process fee can range from 25 to 95 dollars.

Fit Master Credit Card is for consumers with bad credit and trying to re-build their credit. There is an annual fee for 125 dollars for the first year, then 96 dollars for the second year. The additional card fee is 30 dollars. There is no maintenance fee for the first year, then it's ten dollars monthly for a total of 120 dollars. The apr is 30.49% with an initial 500 dollar credit limit. Your account will be reviewed after one year to determine if you qualify for an increase of your credit limit. The maximum limit you can get on this card is 2,000 dollars.

The Total Visa card is for consumers with limited, fair, or bad credit. You can do an online application and get a response in seconds. If approved the initial credit limit is 300 dollars and you can manage your monthly payments very easily online. You must have a checking account to qualify. There is also an application processing fee of 89 dollars. The annual percentage rate is 29.99% and other fees also applies, so you can check it out online if you're interested in applying.

The First Access Visa card is for helping consumers rebuild their credit. There's an eight character digit code you will need from the promotional offer. Applicants must be 18 years and older to apply and be a resident of the United States. There is an 89 dollar processing fee if your application is approved. If approved the billing due will be 21 days after the close of each billing cycle. The will be no charge of interest if applicants pay off their balance by the due date. The annual fee is 75 dollars for the first year, then after that it's 45 dollars annually.

So these are just a few credit cards that you can start with. Please have all your information when you apply for an credit card. Have your legal first and last name, address, social security number, birth date, and checking account. There is additional information for all the credit cards I just mentioned above. So find your credit card that's right for you so you can re-build your credit.